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  • How to operate the lawn mower correctly

    2017-06-17 08:45:21 Read

          Now, the construction of the city more and more attention to greening. Many cities have a vast green area, these green not only decorate our city can also improve the quality of our air to a certain extent. The greening of the city on a regular basis requires pruning irrigation and fertilization to ensure that they can grow up healthily and smoothly. This time you need to use the door of the garden greening tools to be able to complete the huge workload. And now many people have a lot of home green garden at this time the tool is particularly important.

          Mower can also be divided into different species depending on the use, and even a special grass mower. Every kind of lawn mower has different characteristics and special purpose, different venues on the choice of lawn mower also pay attention. The same thing is that when we operate, we must fully ensure that our personal safety. So we must remember to wear shoes when she mowing. Mower has a sharp blade, a careless will hurt our feet, so it must not barefoot operation. And before the operation to understand the operation process in detail, it is best to carefully read the instructions to understand how the situation is critical, such as closing the engine can be equivalent to cut off the machine power can make you away from danger. This applies to all garden machinery. And the operation of the time to ensure that there is no stone above the grass, etc., mower blade encountered these items are likely to make these items bounce up so easy to hurt. All mowing time to be careful, pay more attention to the ground situation. We must remember to regularly check the lawn mower, repair, cleaning, this time in order to ensure your safety is best to unplug the spark plug and to avoid the emergence of fire, the engine should remember. Before using the best carefully check the various parts of the machine to ensure that his smooth operation, to ensure that it can be safe operation. And it is best to choose the fuel when the engine is the best choice before the use of refueling can not have a fire, if the oil overflow, and must not let the lawnmower close to the piece of lawn, high-speed operation of the machine with gasoline May cause a fire. This is very important, we must remember that at the same time in the course of the operation must also be in accordance with the rules in detail, this is not easy to go wrong.